Day 1, August 25th 2021 (Wednesday) – Meeting on Zoom

2:00 – 4:00 PM
(UTC/GMT +7:00)

Online Registration, Help desk, Networking

Link ZoomMeeting ID: 979 3047 5548

Day 2, August 26th 2021 (Thursday) – Meeting on Zoom

Opening Ceremony & Plenary Session

Link Zoom – Meeting ID: 949 0589 6094

08:30 AM (UTC/GMT+7:00)


9:00-9:20 AM (UTC/GMT+7:00)

Welcome speeches

  • General Chair of ICIUS 2021, Prof. Nguyen Tan Tien, Director of National Key Laboratory of Digital Control and System Engineering (DCSELab) – Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology, Vietnam
  • President of ISIUS, Prof. Youmin Zhang, Concordia University, Canada

9:20-9:50 AM (UTC/GMT +7:00)


Speaker: Prof. Kenzo Nonami

Department of Mechanical Engineering, Chiba University, Japan
Autonomous Control Systems Laboratory, Ltd. (ACSL)

Chair: Prof. Kwang-Joon Yoon | Co-Chair: Dr. Nhu-Van Nguyen

9:50-10:20 AM (UTC/GMT +7:00)


Speaker: Dr. Hoang-Vu Phan

Laboratory of Intelligent Systems, École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, Lausanne, Switzerland

Chair: Prof. Nguyen Thien Tong | Co-Chair: Prof. Lung-Jieh Yang


10:50-12:10 AM (UTC/GMT +7:00)

Parallel Session #1

(1A) Unmanned Systems
Link Zoom
Meeting ID: 969 0519 6441
(1B) Mechatronics, Robotics and Biomimetic
Link Zoom
Meeting ID: 943 2794 0964
(1C) Intelligent Systems
Link Zoom
Meeting ID: 907 820 4146
Chair: Taesam Kang
Co-chair: Tat-Hien Le
Chair: Nguyen Quoc Chi
Co-chair: Nguyen Ngoc Hien
Chair: Agus Budiyono
Co-chair: Rini Akmeliawati
An Adaptive Trajectory Tracking Scheme for Car-like Autonomous Vehicles in the Presence of Input Constraints
Juqi Hu, Youmin Zhang* and Subhash Rakheja
Design and Flight of the KUBeetle Equipped with a Flapping-wing Mechanism Based on a Rack-pinion Mechanism
Gi Heon Ha, Hoang Vu Phan, Tan-Hanh Pham and Hoon Cheol Park*
Trajectory Tracking for Caterfillar Vehicles with Uncertain Parameters Using a Model Reference Adaptive Controller
Dae Hwan Kim*, Hyun Jong Kim and Tan Tien Nguyen
Connectivity Maintenance Control for Multiple UAVs with Input Saturation
Xianghong Xue, Youmin Zhang*, and Lingxia Mu
Effects of Wing Kinematics on Aerodynamic Efficiency of an Insect-inspired Flapping-wing Micro Air Vehicle in Hove
Khanh Nguyen, Loan Thi Kim Au, Hoang-Vu Phan, Tien Thanh Dao, and Hoon Cheol Park*
#ICIUS-2021-19 (Video)
Hybrid Transmission Line Kite Thread Removal Robot
Katherine Carlos, Nickita Chen, Fida Hussain, Wenzheng Liu, Sheryl Mourin, Rini Akmeliawati* and Lei Chen
11:30-11:50#ICIUS-2021-8 (Video)
CFD and FSI-based Parametric Study on Tail Fin for High-speed Underwater Locomotion
Thanh Tien Dao, Khanh Nguyen, and Hoon Cheol Park*
Motion Control for Two Wheeled Mobile Inverted Pendulums Using a MIMO Robust Servo Controller Systems      
Dae Hwan Kim*, Huy Hung Nguyen and Sang Bong Kim
#ICIUS-2021-27 (Video)
Drone Detection and Localization Using Omnidirectional Cameras
Kieren Chua, Loh Yu Kang* and Sutthiphong Srigrarom
Design and Test of a Propulsion System for a Robotic Flying Fish
Tan-Hanh Pham, Hoon Cheol Park*
#ICIUS-2021-29 (Video)
Developing CMOS MEMS Flow Sensors on a Flapping Wing Surface
Lung-Jieh Yang*, Reshmi Waikhom and Horng-Yuan Shih
Development of Communication System for Amphibious Multicopter
Yuta Motoki and Masafumi Miwa*

Lunch break

1:30-3:00 PM (UTC/GMT +7:00)

Parallel Session #2

(2A) Unmanned Systems
Link Zoom
Meeting ID: 932 9550 4715
(2B) Mechatronics, Robotics and Biomimetic
Link Zoom
Meeting ID: 962 9399 1529
(2C) Intelligent Systems
Link Zoom
Meeting ID: 907 820 4146
Chair: Masafumi Miwa
Co-Chair: Ngo Dinh Tri
Chair: Dae Hwan Kim
Co-Chair: Phan Hoang Vu
Chair: Lung-Jieh Yang
Co-Chair: Duong Van Tu
Experimental Study of the Thrust Generation Performance of the Tapered
Biomimetic Fin with Cupping Effect
Arie Sukma Jaya* and Muljo Widodo Kartidjo
Characteristic of Paddle Squeezing Angle and AMBU Bag Air Volume in Bag Valve Mask Ventilator
Cong Toai Truong, Kim Hieu Huynh, Van Tu Duong*, Huy Hung Nguyen,  Le An Pham, and Tan Tien Nguyen
Active Door Preventing Infectious Air of Hospital Isolation Room
Vo Nhut Quang Mo, Duy Anh Nguyen, Tan Huy Nguyen, Phuc Long Duong, Dae Hwan Kim, Le An Pham, and Tan Tien Nguyen*
Design and Implementation of a Hardware-in-the-Loop UAV System for Forest Fire Monitoring
Hossein Jamshidi, Youmin Zhang*
Wing Rotation Mechanism to Enhance Flapping Lift
Lung. J. Yang, Vivek. J. Joseph*, Saravana Kompala and Neethish. K. Unnam
Design and Implementation of Upper Limb Rehabilitation Exoskeleton for Post-stroke Patents
Binh Vo Dang Phuong, Xuan Thang Nguyen, Van Tu Duong, Huy Hung Nguyen and Tan Tien Nguyen*
Tracking of High-speed and Aggressively-maneuvered Aerial Targets by Kalman-Kernelized and Kalman-Discriminative Correlation Filters (K-KCF & K-DCF)
Shao Xuan Seah, Niven Junliang Sie and Sutthiphong Srigrarom*
Design of Robust Controller Applied for Series Elastic Actuators in Controlling Humanoid’s Joint
Anh Khoa Lanh Luu, Van Tu Duong, Huy Hung Nguyen, Sang Bong Kim and Tan Tien Nguyen*
Design and Evaluate the Hardware Framework in Mechanical Ventilator
Anh Son Tran, Ngoc Anh Thu Vuong and Ha Quang Thinh Ngo*
Study on Designing of Coaxial BLDC Applied for Underwater Vehicle
Thien Phuc Tran, Cuong Quoc Thai Lam, Van Tu Duong, Huy Hung Nguyen and Tan Tien Nguyen*
Effectiveness Evaluation of Vacuum Pressure as Contributing Factor to Lightweight Seasoning Packets Distribution System
Tuan Huynh Thanh, Nhat Nguyen Le Minh, Van Tu Duong, and Tan Tien Nguyen*
Demonstration of a Visible Light CommunicationSystem Using LED and Low-cost Low-quality Camera
Nguyen Hoang Nam*


3:15-4:35 PM (UTC/GMT +7:00)

Parallel Session #3

(3A) Unmanned Systems
Link Zoom
Meeting ID: 953 4057 4404
(3B) Mechatronics, Robotics and Biomimetic
Link Zoom
Meeting ID: 952 7635 9845
(3C) Intelligent Systems
Link Zoom
Meeting ID: 907 820 4146
Chair: Hoon Cheol Park
Co-Chair: Wei-He
Chair: Pham Huy Hoang
Co-Chair: Hyun-Jong Kim
Chair: Kenzo Nonami
Co-Chair: Sutthiphong Srigrarom
Towards Motion Capture Using a Swarms of Drones
John Page*, Faqihza Mukhlish and Michael Bain
Design of Powered Air Purifying Respirator Used for Healthcare Workers
An Thanh Vo Ta, Thanh Long Le*, Ngoc Dang Tran, Le An Pham, Hoang Long Phan and Tan Tien Nguyen
One-leg Stance of Humanoid Robot Using Active Balance Control
Tri Duc Tran, Anh Khoa Lanh Luu, Van Tu Duong, Huy Hung Nguyen and Tan Tien Nguyen*
Experimental Modelling of Flapping-wing Micro Air Vehicle
Steven Aurecianus, Gi Heon Ha, Hoang Vu Phan, Hoon Cheol Park and Taesam Kang*
Optimal Oil Lubrication for Ball Slide-guide of CNC Milling Machine Using Taguchi Method
Huy Hung Nguyen, Quoc Dat Le, Hoang Long Phan, Van Tu Duong and Tan Tien Nguyen*
Laser-equipped Drone for Weed Management
R. Akmeliawati*, N. Sergiienko, L. Verbi, L. Hunter, A. Scarfo, C. Alt and B. Pedler
Multi-terrain Hexapod Robot for Search and Rescue Mission
R. Akmeliawati*, D. Harvey, N. Mudisi, S. Lakshmanan, I. Iro and M. Ijala
An Optimal Method for Distributing Tolerance of Milling Spindle’s Components
Xuan Quang Ngo, Van Tu Duong, Thanh Luan Bui, Huy Hung Nguyen and Tan Tien Nguyen*
Low-cost 2D LIDAR System on Autonomous Robot for 3D Scanning and Modeling Unknown Areas
Hoang-Nam Nguyen*
Path Planning Technology of Unmanned Vehicle Based on Improved Deep Reinforcement Learning
Luhe Wang, Jinwen Hu, Zhao Xu and Lei Lu*
Design of Three Axes of CNC Milling Machine Using Lucas Design for Assembly
Viet Toan Vu, Van Tu Duong*, Thanh Luan Bui, Huy Hung Nguyen and Tan Tien Nguyen
Obstacle Avoidance System on an Omni X Drone Based on Neural Network, Computer Vision and Mavlink Protocol
Tran Quang Khoi, Ngo Khanh Hieu*, Le Dinh Anh Huy, Truong Lu Tien

Day 3, August 27th 2021 (Friday) – Meeting on Zoom

Plenary Session

Link Zoom – Meeting ID: 927 4740 5260

9:00 –9:30 AM (UTC/GMT +7:00)


Speaker: Associate Professor Bruce W. Jo

Department of Mechanical Engineering at State University of New York (SUNY), USA & Korea

Chair: Prof. Nguyen Tan Tien | Co-Chair: Dr. Nguyen Quoc Viet

9:30 –10:00 AM (UTC/GMT +7:00)


Speaker: Professor Bin Jiang

College of Automation Engineering, Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, P.R. China

Chair: Prof. Youmin-Zhang | Co-Chair: Prof. Rini Akmeliawati


10:15 –11:45 AM (UTC/GMT +7:00)

Parallel Session #4

(4A) Unmanned Systems
Link Zoom
Meeting ID: 916 2485 3760
(4D) Space Robots
Link Zoom
Meeting ID: 972 1131 6672
(4E) Control and Computation
Link Zoom
Meeting ID: 986 5221 6269
Chair: Sutthiphong Srigrarom
Co-Chair: Quang Ha
Chair: Vo Bich Hien
Co-Chair: Ngo Dinh Tri
Chair: Mochammad Agoes Moelyadi
Co-chair: Tran Thanh Tinh
A Smart Assistant Tool for Ship Machinery Arrangement Using Genetic Algorithm
Trinh Duc Minh, Nguyen Duy Anh and Tat-Hien Le*
Decentralized Cubature Kalman Filter for Spacecraft Constellations Navigation
Xingyu Zhou, Jie Ren*, Qin Tong and Dong Qiao
Numerical study of Aerodynamic Performance and Flow Characteristics of a Centrifugal Blower
Thanh-Long Le*, Tran Trung Nghia, Hong Duc Thong, Mai Hoang Kim Son
Long Lange Delivery Experiment Using a VTOL Type UAV – A Case Study of the Medical Supply Delivery Between Remote Islands
Kazuo Watanabe*, Masafumi Miwa and Shinya Takatsuka
Design, Analysis and Simulation of V-frame Octocopter
Tri Bien Minh*, Hien Vo and Luan Hua Thanh
Numerical Investigation on Aerodynamic Performance of Airfoil with Different Cambers
Min Zhi, Yao Zou and Wei He*
Using Telematics to Improve EMTs’ Response Times After Traffic Accidents
Mark Haley*
Determination of Longitudinal Dynamic Derivatives of High-altitude Long Endurance UAV Using Computational Fluid Dynamics
Mochammad Agoes Moelyadi, Rais Fadillah* and Ema Amalia
Aerodynamic and Structural Performances of a Single-stage Transonic Axial Compressor with Blade Fillet Radius
Chu Hoang Quan* and Dinh Cong Truong
Reverse Engineering and Aerodynamic Analysis of a High-speed UAV Inverted V-tail Using XFRL5
Do Hoang Huy*, Ngo Khanh Hieu
LULC Classification with Modified HarDNet-MSEG on Sentinel-2 Satellite Images
Laphonchai Jirachuphun*, Pudit Tempattarachoke, Panin Pienroj, Photchara Ratsamee and Nattee Niparnan
#ICIUS-2021-68 (Video)
Combustion Analysis for Small Gas Turbine Engine by Using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)
Quoc-Huy Nghiem*, Cong-Anh Pham, Quang-Hai Nguyen and Nhu-Van Nguyen

Lunch break

1:30 –2:50 PM (UTC/GMT +7:00)

Parallel Session #5

(5E-1) Control and Computation
Link Zoom
Meeting ID: 940 0937 6405
(5E-2) Control and Computation
Link Zoom
Meeting ID: 994 3171 5988
(5D) Space Robots
Link Zoom
Meeting ID: 972 1131 6672
Chair: Le Tuan Phuong Nam
Co-chair: Dang Le Quang
Chair: Le Thanh Long
Co-Chair: Au Thi Kim Loan
Chair: Vo Bich Hien
Co-Chair: Ngo Dinh Tri
A Numerical Study on the Design of a Cold Heat Storage Device in a Liquefied Air Energy Storage System (LAES)
Hyunjong Kim*, Juyeol Ryu, Kwansu Kim, Jungtae Kim, Dae Hwan Kim and Jongpo Park
Study on the Loading Redistribution during Braking Maneuver of a Tanker Semi-trailer – The Effect of the Configuration of the Baffles
Thong Duc Hong*, Thien Phuoc Huynh, Hieu Trung Le and Thanh-Long Le
A Comparison of Kalman Filters for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Attitude Estimation Using Real Flight Test Data
Dung Van Vu*, Thanh Truong Nguyen, Dong Thanh Nguyen and Thap Khac Nguyen
Simulate Deformation and Stress of 3-Axis CNC Milling Machine Body in Outsoles Mold Machining
Thanh Luan Bui, Vinh Tuong Vuong, Duc Dat Do and Tan Tien Nguyen*
Computational Fluid Dynamics Based Propeller Design Improvement for High Altitude Long Endurance (HALE) UAV
Mochammad Agoes Moelyadi, Fatwa Azam Maulana* and Ema Amalia
#ICIUS-2021-70 (Video)
The Control Methodology for Jet Engine of Unknown Characteristics
Huy Hoang Nguyen*, Van Son Bui, Thanh Nam Trinh, Nhu Van Nguyen and Quang Hai Nguyen
A Novel Approach in Simulation of Flow over Sphere from Low to High Reynolds Numbers
Anh Huy Huynh, Buu Hung Tran, Thi Hong Hieu Le*, Ngoc Hien Nguyen and Quang Le Dang
#ICIUS-2021-69 (Video)
The Comparison Results of Numerical Simulation with Experimental Data for Axial Turbine of Small Turbojet Engine
Hung Vu Xuan*, Anh Pham Tuan, Lanh Chu Duy, Nhu Van Nguyen
2:30-2:50#ICIUS-2021-67 (Video)
Implementing Lean and Sweep Method for Optimization of Gas Turbine Blade by Computational Fluid Dynamics
Zung Pham Ngoc, Anh Nguyen Tuan, Vu Hoang Nhu and Nhu Van Nguyen*
#ICIUS-2021-72 (Video)
Numerical Study of the Laminar Separation Buble during Drag Crisis over the Teardrop Model
Thi Hong Hieu Le*, Dinh-An Nguyen and Ngoc Hien Nguyen


3:00–4:15 PM (UTC/GMT +7:00)

Parallel Session #6

(6G) Industrial Session
Link Zoom – Meeting ID: 923 4681 0780
(6F) Steering Committee Meeting
Luong Viet Quoc
3:15-3:30IGUS Vietnam
Nguyen Binh Duong
3:30-3:45ABB Vietnam
Huynh Phong Phu &
Nguyen Van Thien Vu

4:30 PM (UTC/GMT +7:00)

Closing Remarks and Paper Awards (Video)

Link Zoom – Meeting ID: 975 1869 9486